We Go The Extra Mile

Long Beach Association management, American Properties International Inc. started as a family owned and operated company that has specialized in community management for over 20 years.

Here at API, we work daily with the highest grade of management, legal, and maintenance professionals to assure each homeowner that a safe, clean, and enjoyable community is maintained.

We manage communities ranging in size from 3 units to 250 units and we treat every client with professionalism and respect. Our experienced management staff are available 24/7.

We Are Neighborhood Experts


One Team. One Result. Success.

Let’s Achieve Excellence Together

Our Ethos

& Relationship

Here at American Properties International (API) Inc, we base our entire company around what’s most important for you and your community.

& Respect

We undertake every measure to produce and deliver a perfect balance of reliability and function, forming a unified whole in all of our work.

& Simplicity

We understand that you don’t want to manage 100 things at once. That’s why we provide our service to you – you can leave your work in our hands.

& Quality

A balance of management and practicality allows us to create a strategy to maintain your community at a cost effective rate.

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