HOA Service

We keep track of things so you don't have to

Your Community Properly Managed

Everything about API Property Management, Homeowners' Association Management revolves around fast and accurate service, trust, and transparency. API provides a full complement of accounting services, from billing and collections, to special assessments, to paying bills and preparing the budget for the Association.


Clear Communication and Response Time

We treat every client, large and small, as our most important client because every client is our most important.

Board Meetings

Any time of the day, any day of the week, we will be there. No extra charge no matter the length of meeting.

Dues and Collection

Issue monthly assessment statements (payment coupons) to all owners, listing recent transactions and total outstanding balance. A return envelope is included for the owner’s convenience!

Property Maintenance

Routine requests are forwarded to the appropriate vendor for handling. Non-routine and special requests are forwarded to the Board before proceeding.

Full Accounting

Accurate, easy-to-understand reports each month.

Access to All Records

Free storage of HOA documents for life on management contract. Free retrieval of archived information upon request of the Board.